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Most Common Auto Air Conditioning Problems And Symptoms

Updated: May 14, 2022

7 Reasons your Cars A/C is not blowing cold.

Monday August 30, 2021

Here are 7 reasons why your car’s air conditioning is not working. This is not a comprehensive list, but only a list of 7 probable causes. Contact a professional before making any decisions. Remember that the air conditioning system is under pressure, do not attempt to disassemble the system until the refrigerant is removed.

1. The #1 reason why your car’s air conditioning is not working is because the system is low on refrigerant. If the system is low on refrigerant, the compressor may not engage at all. You may notice that the compressor is cycling on and off abnormally. To remedy this problem, add refrigerant to the system. You may want to have the system checked for leaks.

2. The #2 reason your a/c is not blowing cold is because the condenser cooling fan is not working. This commonly is caused by a bad cooling fan relay, fuse, or a bad cooling fan motor. If this is your problem, you may notice that the A/C blows cold for a minute or two before getting warm again. This condition may cause your engine to overheat as well. To remedy this problem check the cooling fan relay, fuse, and motor. And replace the failed parts.

3. The #3 cause of warm air from your air vents is a failed compressor. If the compressor is failing, you may notice an abnormal sound coming from the compressor, e.g. rattling or ticking. The compressor will have to be replaced. You may also have a bad refrigerant control valve solenoid. The refrigerant control solenoid is only found on a variable displacement type compressor. This solenoid is commonly overlooked in A/C diagnosis. If this solenoid is bad then the check engine light may be illuminated. Have the system checked by a professional.

4. The #4 reason your air conditioning is not working is because the orifice tube is clogged, or the expansion valve has malfunctioned. If the orifice tube is clogged you may notice the compressor clicking in and out again. This is because an excessive high side pressure is occurring. If the orifice tube is clogged you should have the system flushed and a new orifice tube installed. The expansion valve is used on expansion valve systems and this controls the refrigerant flow in the system, similar to an orifice tube. You may only determine if your expansion valve is failed if you connect gauges to your AC system.

5. The #5 reason your car's AC system is not working is because of a bad blower motor, relay, or blower resistor. If this is your problem then you may have no air coming from the vents or blowing only on the highest setting. This is usually a simple fix. Have the blower motor replaced or the blower resistor replaced. You may also have a blend door actuator problem.

6. The #6 reason why the system is not cooling properly is because of an overfilled system. If the system is overcharged you may notice that the compressor clutch is slipping. Or the compressor may be cycling on and off. Have the system checked, vacuumed, and the manufacturer recommended amount of refrigerant put in the system.

7. Finally, the #7 reason for your air conditioning not to work is because of an electrical issue on the system, e.g. a bad ambient temp sensor, or a shorted or open-circuit compressor clutch. The clutch may also be weak and slip.

Well I hope this helps you properly diagnose your problems and you can soon enjoy your ride again and beat the summer heat. If you need any more help, please feel free to contact Embury Mobile Mechanics at 1(242)359-7231

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